What Are the Top MBA Programs in Hong Kong?

Pioneers in Business Education

Hong Kong, one of the top financial centres in the world honours a number of premier MBA programs attracting students from all regions due to its vibrant economy and connections with both Western and Asian markets. These programs offer rigorous academics, with multicultural classrooms from highly supportive peers and advisors who are well-connected (re US News).

University of Hong Kong, or HKU

Make our MBA one of the best in the world HKU Business School The program focuses on Asia-Pacific business strategies and innovation, enabling graduates to form an international perspective in leadership positions. Our program prepares you to understand and manage complex systems and teaches entrepreneurial skills as well as strategic thinking, enabling cultural exchange semesters abroad or internships. HKU's MBA program also draws upon its strong ties with leading corporations in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

HKUST Business School Intensive one-year MBA with a focus in business education and research. It was high in the order for academic quality, and international diversity of its student body. The program is more tech-heavy, innovative emphasis and entrepreneurship reflect of what Hong Kong has become as a tech hub. The curriculum is one of the most flexible in Asia Pacific, with multiple tracks and electives to enable customization based on career goals.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

The business school of CUHK, one of the best in Asia for an MBA is also a pioneer institute that introduced this course to Asia. The program is widely considered to be best in class within finance and economics as a discipline, reflecting Hong Kong's status as an international financial hub. CUHK has always advocated ethical leadership as well as sustainable business practices, and its approach to our MBA is in line with this endeavour ensuring student graduates have the ability to navigate around the complexities of global businesses today. It is available both full-time and part time, so it's flexible for working professionals.

City University of Hong Kong

On top of the basics, CityU offers a global MBA program with an emphasis on leadership and business problems around the world (especially in Asia). The program offers live consulting assignments, overseas learning treks and workshops designed to hone practical business skill set and strategic thinking. Pragmatic problem-solving with a global perspective is the hallmark of graduates from the CityU MBA program.

In-depth exposure to offerings and distinct capabilities of a spectrum Hong Kong MBA programs is well documented with rankings, alumni success stories or specialization options to aspire for when going further in the application process.


The best MBA programs in Hong Kong are designed to complement the city's avant-garde style of business and provide students with opportunities that few other cities can compete with. Centered on vision, creativity and a significant sense of global networking, these programs will help students gain all the competitive edge needed in today's international business climate. And if you want to further your expertise in finance, tech or general management - Hong Kong is also a gateway to monumental career progressions and opportunities.

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